River War Memorial

The memorial stands in the churchyard of Ss Peter & Paul at River.

River Memorial
Photograph © Dave Dixon 2005

Albert E. Alderson

Arthur C. Fogg

Arthur E. Pierce

Albert E. Amos

William B.M. Fussell

George H. Pilcher

Frank Balding

Edward T. Goldfinch

George Redgate

Charles F. Bartlett

Frederick G. Grounsell

Edwin J. Richards

Bertie J. Bourne

Reginald H. Hobbs

Frederick W. Savage

George Collard

Rupert Howard

Frederick G. Smith

Albert E. Curtis

William J. Inwood

Alfred Spain

Leonard Dadds

James Jardine

Charles R. Standford

Edwin T. Daniels

Sydney G. Lee

Frederick J. Stokes

Charles E. Daynes

William J. Lilley

Hubert Strand

William J. Dixon

Ernest A. Marsh

Walter D. Tull

George Easterfield

Henry J. Maxted

Alexander F. Worster

Edward H. Everall

George A. McNeir

Albert F. Fogg

Albert E. Moat

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