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Whitstable Memorial

Whitstable War Memorial
The memorial stands in Oxford Street, Whitstable; near the library.

There are 178 names listed for 1914 - 1918 over four panels (see below)

Panel one    Panel two    Panel three    Panel four

A.W. Greenwell-Lax

C.A. MacKenzie

G.G. Bentley

R.E.J. Thomson

A.E. Kill

J.F. Bunce

F.W. Allen

F.A. Browning

D.T. Beckhuson

G. Cole

W.E.B. Forster

F.W. Tappenden

G.T. Barton

C.A. Bentley

G. Carpenter

D.P. Carruthers

E. Dunkley

E. Hulkes

J.F. Hadlow

P. Morgan

G.W. Nye

W.M.J. Vaughan

E. Griffey

H. Horne

H. Payne

A.W. Price

F. Saunders

J.A. Barton

H.J. Castle

H.B. Pellett

A.F. Bisson

W.H. Clothier

W.H. Clarke


L.F. Janes

S. Smith

E.N. Blaxland

A.E. Appleton

G.H. Appleton

H. Appleton

A.S. Appleton

T.E. Allen

A.J. Allen

E. Amos

J.R. Andrews

W.H. Bashford

D. Botting

W. Bull

T.F. Barham

W.R. Brett

G.H. Burton

C. Beard

F.G. Camburn

A.R. Cornhill

F.P.M. Church

O. Capon

W.J. Clarke

R. Coleman

C.L. Curling

E.A. Claringbold

H.E. Carden

F. Duncan

B.G. Deverson

E.R. Evans

W.B. Foad

A. Foad

T. Foreman

A.J. Fisher

A.S. Gambrell

A.H. Graves

A.W. Gosling

T.H.E. Gallup

H.E. Hagger

A.E.L. Harris

A. Hawkins

A. Hudson

J.T. Hudson

R. Harman

A. Hurlock

G.H. Harrison

L.J. Hebert

M.S. Hemsley

W. Harris

F. Johns

C. Jones

B. Keam

C. Keam

C. Longhurst

A. Lawson

R.C. Mantle

A. Maxted

H.R.P.F. May

A. Mummery

A.E. Norris

W.G. Norman

H. Orpin

R. Olive

J.W.T. Pepper

T. Packman

D. Paul

A. Payne

J. R. Parnham

R.S. Philpott

R. Pigott

R. Pigott

H. C. Rowden

H. Richards

C.A. Rickwood

H. Rigden

G. Stupple

H.J. Steer

F.J. Speed

G.C. Smith

W.C. Saunders

W.E. Sandy

F.G. Santer

G.W. Silk

W. Stroud

W. Stroud

A. Strand

J. Tinley

F. Tompsett

E.S. Tranter

O. Tresize

H. Uden

W. Wyles

A.G. Wood

R.E. Wood

J. Whidditt

G. Wyver

E. Whitmore

A.J. Andrews

J.T. Brehaut

P.H. Collar

W. Coombs

W.J. Elkin

S.J. Foad

E.A. Fox

W.H. Foreman

T.H. Harlow

W.E. Harvey

J.A. Hunt

R.J. Johnstone

H. Matthews

J. Madams

F.J. Marsh

H.A. Rigden

C.G. Rigden

F.W. Richards

F. Taylor

A. Webb

G.G. Warwick

S.G. Rigden

J. Baker

S. Barton

A.V. Collar

F.C. Clothier

J. Cole

W.H. Candy

F.W. Down

E. Hampshire

C.W. Jordan

G. J. Keam

R.E. Knight

F.C. Lott

F.J. Nazer

H. Phillips

J. Prescott

R. E. Stroud

J.F. Wootton

W. Clothier

G. Clark

D. Charrington

W. Adams

W. Halliday

P.W. Smithson

F.T.O. Sharp

C.J.M. Whorlow

[UKNIWM Ref: 1600]

My thanks to Emma Friend for the photographs.

My thanks also to Debra Buchanan for her help in identifying some of these men.

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