West Malling War Memorial

The names of the West Malling Men who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1918 are here recorded

- They died for Right and Freedom - May they Rest in Peace - ”

Adam A G A *

Higgins F W

Packham A

Adam W *

Hills F

Robinson W

Barwood E J

Hodge A P

Sutton S

Baldock T A

Jury J T

Startup R

Bottle W W

Jaques F J

Skinner J H

Brooker E W

Kelvie F

Sands T

Bull C

Lipscombe W H

Terry R M

Damant P A

Leeves W

Thorpe A E

Danes H A

Leeves A

Vaughan G A

Danes S F

Larking C F

Weller T

Day E

Lyon J D C

Wood A

Driver F

Miles J R

Wooff E G

Ford C T

Neame G J

Wells J E

Fry A J

Pointer C A

Waters H

Gibbons A

Payne C

Webb E R

Huggett J

Phillips S

Woodger G

[UKNIWM Ref: 16290]

*Alan A.G.Adam and his brother Walter Adam are also commemorated on the memorial at Wye College

Also buried in the churchyard of St Mary’s at West Malling is a Canadian soldier William Robert Dobson

Several people have assisted my research of this memorial, most notably Debra Buchanan & Tony Grant.

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