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Upchurch War Memorial

(click here for a photograph of the memorial)



John Allen

Henry T. Mason

Thomas H. Anderson

Frederick Milton

Ernest G. Carter

Herbert J. G. Hodges

Arthur E. Faulkner

Edward T. Seamer

James Hatton

Thomas Sifleet

John E. Packer

Frederick Godfrey

Edward Muggeridge

James Brown

Albert H. Newman

Frederick Blewitt

Walter Hatton

Charles Gransden

William Lamb

William I. Seamer

James Robinson

Frederick Paige

Percy Betts

Frederick Banfield

Robert Tumber

Roland Whitnell

William Simmonds

George Banfield

Wilfred Baker

Henry Thurley

Albert Stapleton

Stuart W. A. Mercer

Percy Hales

Henry James Marsh

William H. Clark

Frederick J. Gorman

[UKNIWM Ref: 28231]

Photograph of Upchurch cherry pickers

My thanks to Lynn Nugent for the photograph of the memorial in St Mary’s, Upchurch.

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