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Faversham (St Mary of Charity) Memorial

The memorial is a chapel in the church with the names inscribed on wooden panels.

Names listed for 1914 - 1918 (Those marked * have individual tributes within the church)

Ernest Walter Abbott

Charles Francis Court

James William Hunt

Richard Puttock

John Abbott

Cyril Arthur Coveney

Alfred George Ing

Frederick William Queen

Bert Adley

H.G. Cox

Frank Jacobs

Francis Victor Rabbeth

John Akhurst

Robert Grant Crosse *

George Stephen Jarvis

William George Rabbeth

Arthur James Allard

Thomas Latymer Crosse *

William Charles Johnson

Frank Ralph

Nathaniel George Read Amies

Frederick Stephen Croucher

William Kettley

Harry Ralph

William Stephen Edwin Amos

Albert Edward Curry

Percy King

Thomas Ratcliff

Colin Knox Anderson *

Ernest William Cutcliffe

Walter King

Sidney John Ray

Donald Knox Anderson *

Frank Davison

George Albert Knight

Samuel Thomas Read

Frank Andrews *

Gerald Aubrey Davy

James Frederick Laker

William Read

Ellis Henry Archer

Horace Davy

William Henry Laker

Frank Rickard

Bertie Bailey

Alexander Johnstone De Vere

Thomas James Lambert

George James Rigden

William Henry Bailey

George H. Dungey

Sidney George Lewis

Sidney Arthur Ritchie

Charles Sidney Baldock

William Dungey

Albert George Lines

John C. Rye

Thomas William Ballard

Frederick Edward Eason

Walter James Long

William Harris Saunders

Harold Frederick Barber

Alfred Thomas Edwards

Cyril Ivan Luckhurst

Arthur Seager

Charles Barker

Richard Stanley Ellender

John Madams

Bertie Sidney Seager

Sidney Gordon Bennett

Frank Harold Ely

Charles Mannouch

William Mannouch Seager

William Henry Berry

Harry Ely

Alfred Marsh

Stanley Richard Seward

Frank John Bingham

Sidney Robert Fenn

Alfred Silas Masters

Albert Edward Shoat

Albert Edward Boorman

Hubert Edward Fox

William John Matcham

Frederick J. Smith

Henry Boorman

Walter James Fox

William Donnell Millen

Harold Robert Smith

Percy Walter Booth

Herbert Charles Freeman

Ernest Millgate

Porter Alfred Smith

Percy Henry Boseley

Ernest H.J. Fright

William Millgate

Hugh James Speed

William Robert Brett

Joseph Fullagar

Thomas Martin Muir

Bertram Frank Springford

Albert Henry Broadhurst

John Thomas Gage

Frank Murton

John Steedman *

Arthur William Brown

Robert John Gamble

Arthur Neame

Walter James Stevens

Gordon Stewart Browne *

Leonard Gange

Ernest Henry Newman

Edward Thomas Stewart

Henry Thomas Brunger

Charles James Godfrey *

Reginald Charles Newman

Harry Taylor

John William Brunger

George Thomas Gordon

Philip Brown Nichols

Thomas John Taylor

Sidney James Buffee

Frederick Edwin Gore

Robert H. Owen

Arthur Henry Theobald

George William Willis Bunting

F.R. Green

William John Owen

William Alfred Theobald

Robert Frederick George Bunting

Walter Griffin

Alfred Thomas Page

John Baker Thomas

John Raymond (Raiman) Bunting

Alfred Ernest Gurr

John Thomas Page

William Walter Thomas

Sidney (Austin) Burrows

Alfred Henry Hadlow

Walter Frederick Page

Ernest Harry Thorne

Harold Card

William James Hadlow

Sidney George Pallett

Frederick William Twist

Henry Thomas Carrier

Sidney Ernest Hands

Christopher Albert Parry

Ivo John Richard Waters

Ernest Charles Caryer

H. Harlow

Henry William Partridge

George Frederick Welland

William George Chambers

Thomas Edward Hart

Joseph Frederick William Pay

Alfred Weller

Alfred Stephen Chapman

Reginald Frank L. Hawton

Charles Frederick Payne

Albert Arthur Weller

Frank Robert Cheeseman

Harry Hazlewood

Frank John Payne

Ernest Whitehead

George Arthur Alexander Clackett

Alec Edward Head

Jesse George Payne

Frederick Charles Whitenstall

Wilfred John Clackett

Horace Hills

William James Pennell

Sidney Alfred Whitenstall

George Clarke

Alfred George Holmans

William George Pepper

Harold Wise

Thomas Albert Clements

Herbert Charles Holton

John Edward Peters

Stanley Leonard Woodell

John Nixon Coleman

William George Hopkins

Iveson John Pierce

George Frederick Wraight *

Charles Stephen Coombs

Percy James Horton

Alfred Mark Pilcher

William Henry Wratten

Ross Cornford

Harold Frank Howland

Spencer Pordage

William Aubrey Wyborn

William Day Cornford

Frederick James Hulse

Sidney Pordage

Horace William Wyles

Cyril Costen

Percy J. Hulse

Stanley George Pullen

Leslie Richard John Yates

NB: Most names are shown on the memorial with initials only for given names. I have shown them in full (when known) for clarity.

[UKNIWM Ref: 41180]

My thanks to Julie Lee for the use of her research.

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