Boughton-under-Blean Memorial

Boughton Memorial Picture
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Names listed for 1914 - 1918

George Blackford

Herbert Bramble

Alfred P. Branchett

Edward T. Curling

George H. Dennett

Robert W. Downs

Richard S. Ellender

Frederick Eve

Ernest P. Forster

Herbert J. Foster

William J. Foster

William J. Fuller

Robert C. Gilham

Henry E. Hogben

Frederick W. Hogben

Bertram H. Hooker

George Hubbard

Charlie Jenkins

William J. Matcham

Ernest E. Millen

Robert H. Owen

Walter F. Page

Frederick Percival

Sydney Raines

Stanley Rook

Victor Rook

Clarence W. Smith

Gordon A. Smith

Harry Smith

Richard Stanley

Ernest Swinyard

Maurice Swinyard

Herbert E. Theobold

William E. Tong

Arthur Waters

Herbert G. Waters

Arthur Weatherall

Thomas H. Wellard

Albert A. Weller

John F. Willis

Arthur D. Wilson

[UKNIWM Ref: 16250]

My thanks to Julie Lee for the use of her research.

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