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Benenden War Memorial

To the memory of the men of Benenden who fought and died for justice and liberty in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Their name liveth for evermore".

The Hon Edmund Harmsworth M.P. performed the memorial unveiling ceremony on the 27th February 1921.

Capt. W.G. Baird

Cpl. G. Boxall

L/Cpl. H. Bridgland

Pte. V. Bridgland

Pte. A. Burt

Pte. R.J. Burt

Capt. W.E.R. Cole

Capt. A.S. Cresswell

Pte. E. Coley DCM

Pte. L. Coley

Pte. G.F. Couchman

Pte. A. Foster

Pte. H. E. Harmer

Capt. H.A.V. Harmsworth

Lieut. V.S.T. Harmsworth

Capt. R. L. Hoare

Pte. W. Humphrey

Pte. G. Jenner

Pte. F. Marshall

Pte. B. Matthews

Pte. T. Matthews

Cpl. P. Moore

Pte. A. Pavey

Sgt. G. Pavey DCM

Pte. S. Pavey

Pte. W. Roff

Pte. C. Russell

Pte. J. Taylor

L/Cpl. E. Watson

L/Cpl. J. Watson

Pte. G. Weeks

Pte. C. Worsley

[UKNIWM Ref: 1541]

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Photographs of the unveiling ceremony courtesy of: Benenden - A Pictorial History. Compiled by Michael Davies. Published by
Benenden Parish Council & The Benenden Millennium Committee. ©2000

My thanks to Lynn Nugent, Maureen Rawson and Sue Dean for their help with various aspects of this research

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