Richard Beale, Biddenden, Clothier

Last Will & Testament

In the name of God Amen.

I Richard BEALE of Biddenden in the County of Kent Clothier being in good health And of sound & pfect mind and memory priased be God doe this tenth day of October Anno dui 1687 make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in writeing in manner and forme following (that is to say)  First I comend my Soule unto the hands of Allmighty God my Creator and my body to the Earth to be decently buryed at the discrecon of my Executor herafter named.  Item I give unto the poor liveing in that part or quarter of the pish of Biddenden wherein I inhabit the sume of Twenty shillings of lawful money of England to be paid and distributed unto them by my Executor within one month after my decease.  Item I give and bequeath unto my Loveing wife Mary Beale and to her heirs and Assignes all that my messuage or Tenement being two dwellings with the garden backside and appurrts thereto belonging situate & being in the pish of Biddenden aforesd and now or late in the occupation of the widdow Benton and Thomas Catt to have and to hold the same unto the said Mary Beale my wife and to her heires and assignes forever.  Item I give & beq unto the sd Mary Beale my wife the free & sole use and benefitt of the parlour and the parlour Chamber of the house wherein I now dwell and the sole use & benefit of all such goods furniture and house holdstuff as belonging thereto and usually standeth therein together also with free libty to brew wash and make in the rooms for those purposes belonging to the said house and the utensills thereto as also to doe any other necessary or huswifery business in the said house and free libty use and a privilidge to have and take water in the sewers belonging the said house and convenient room to lay Slake have and take wood in the yards or ____ of the sd house for her fireing.  To have receive take possess and enjoy the said use benefitts libtyes and priviledges to her and her assignes during the tyme that she shall keep her self a widdow & unmarryed after my decease and noe longer.  Item I give and beq unto my sister Elz Coulter the sume of five pounds of lawfull money of Eng to be pd unto her within 3 months after my ced. by my Exec.  Item I give & Beq unto my son Wm Beale and unto Sarah his wife the sume of 5 pounds a peece of lawfull money of eng and I doe give unto Rd Beale son of the said Wm Beale the sume of 50 pounds of good money and unto Thomas Beale and Elz Beale the sume of ten pounds apeece of lawfull money of Eng also I give & beq unto Mary Beale d/o the sd Wm Beale the sume of 200 pounds of ...all which sd  Legacyes given to the said Wm Beale and Sarah his wife Rd Beale Tom Elz & Mary Beale children of the sd Wm Beale I doe order & appt shall be pd to them respectively within 6 monthes after my dec. by my Exec. hereafter named.  Provided nevertheless and upon this condicon Following (viz) that in case the sd Wm Beale shall any wayes disturbe or molest my Exec. hereafter named in the quiett enjoyment of what I doe give and devise to him by this my Will or shall ever goo about to destroy and make void this my last Will and Testment or to hinder the same ____ ____ effort or shall goo about to call the Exec to an account for any matter or thing ______ by me in my life tyme or shall disturb him in the enjoyment of Boonfarme which I now livein or shall not wholy acquese to this my will then and in such either or any of the said cases the Legacyes hereinbefore given to the said Wm Beale his wife and children shall not be pd unto them or any of them but shall wholy remaine and be to the use of my said Exec until the said Wm Beale shall give such discharges and ____ of all matters and things aforesaid as Council shall advise and if my said Exec shall be putt to any charge suite or trouble by the sd Wm Beale before such & ____  __ are given then all such charge shall be deducted out of the sd legacys given to the sad Wm Beale his wife & children and also I doe hereby appt and declare that the said Legacyes soo given to him and them shall be pd and discharged by ____ such money as the said Wm Beale is indebted unto me being the sume of fourteen score pounds besides interest and for the payment whereof I have a mortgage upon a farme & lands of the said Wm Beale in Halden or else where and I doe hereby declare that no other part of my estate either wall or personall shall be charged or chargeable with the sd legacyes last menconed other then the sd mortage ____.  I give and beq unto John Beale my son all and every my messuages or Tenements lands heredit. & ____ whatsoever & wheresoever with the appurt ____ ____ given or devised.  To have & to hold unto the said John Beale and to the heires of his body forever and for want of such issue I give the same unto Richard Beale son of my said son Wm Beale & to his heires and assignes forever and I doo further give & beq unto the said John Beale my son all & every my goods ____ ready mony plate household stuff rights ____ and psonall estate whatsoever the use of the goods before beq to my wife to be enjoyed by her in manner as aforesd and my debts legacyes and funerall expences being first pd and dischged.  And I doo make the sad John Beale full and sole Exec of this my last Will by me made.  In whitness whereof I the said Richard Beale have to this my last Will and Testament contained in two sheets of paper set myhand and Seale the day and yeare first above written Richard Beale

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Richard Beale to be his last will and Testament in the p'sence of G. Hinton  John Hall his marke James Turner.

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