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George CLARKE 1862 - 1918

1.    George CLARKE, born 2nd qtr 1862 in Bridport (Dorset), [The son of George CLARKE, mariner, and his wife Marina nee GALE], baptized 13 May 1863 at St Mary, Bridport (Dorset), census 1871 at West Street, Bridport (Dorset), census 1881 at 29 Swanfield, Whitstable (Kent) - Lodger with his half sister and brother-in-law, census 1891 on board SS Tweed, alongside Grays Pier (Essex), census 1901 at 19 Church Road, Whitstable (Kent), census 1911 at 19 Church Road, Whitstable (Kent), occupation 1881 Mariner, occupation 1891 Master, occupation 1901 Master Mariner, occupation 1911 Master Mariner, seems to have died in 1918.

       He married (1) Ada Constance KEAM, 4th qtr 1887 in Blean RD (Kent), born 2nd qtr 1863 in Whitstable (Kent), census 1891, (master's wife), on board SS Tweed, alongside Grays Pier (Essex). She died 4th qtr 1894 in Blean RD (Kent) - Aged 31.

       He married (2) Mary Harriett ELLIOTT, 3rd qtr 1896 in Hartlepool RD (Co. Durham), born 4th qtr 1854 in Rickmansworth (Herts), census 1901 at 19 Church Road, Whitstable (Kent), census 1911 at 19 Church Road, Whitstable (Kent), resided 1919 at 19 Church Road, Whitstable (Kent). She died Feb 1938 at 19 Church Road, Whitstable (Kent) - Age given as 83, buried 19 Feb 1938 at All Saints, Whitstable (Kent).

The World War One memorial plaque inside All Saints Church, Whitstable, refers to “George Clarke, Master of the Tweed”. Two ships called Tweed were sunk by U-Boat on consecutive days in March 1918 (13th & 14th). The Master of the first was shown on the crew list as Archibald McMILLAN. All the crew from the second ship were rescued.

There is one possible Death Registration for him in the Merchant Maritime GRO index, date of death 3 May 1918, but with no further details given. I cannot find a matching burial.

George is not listed as a casualty on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

Whitstable street directories from 1900 to 1917 show the head of the household at 19 Church Road, Whitstable, Kent as George CLARKE. Directories from 1918 onwards show the head at that address as Mrs CLARKE.

It seems there has been confusion in the recording of what happened to George.

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